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Hello!I am writing this article to share about a project that by my long-term investment experience I think it is a great project and sufficient basis to go for long term also my investors. It is a great project, worth the effort and energy.
Works on official domain name:
BE FINANCE is a technology and finance company, managing private equity funds. Currently BE FINANCE has great technology products that are EBEEGO social networks that operate like Facebook and other types of social networks in the world. However, users who operate on the platform, interact, post photos, post status, like, comment, etc. are awarded certain points, which can be exchanged for Bee coin or exchanged for cash. Payment via Paypal. However, this is only a small part of BE FINANCE's business.

The second technology product of BE FINANCE is Robot forex trading and inter-trading trade to ensure interest rates for investors even when there is no new sales. This proves BE FINANCE is not a Ponzi floor.
The third product is Bee Coin, Symbol BEE, total supply of 200,000,000 BEE. The difference between Bee Coin and other coins in the world is that BEE can be considered as a common coin and can be considered as a stock of the company.
If the investor buys BEE and waits for it to rise, then the investor is profitable, but if the buyer buys the high price and the BEE drops, the investor will suffer a loss. However, BEE is also a coin, so if investors own BEE thfi, they will receive a monthly dividend paid directly to their personal wallets.
Where does this dividend come from?
The monthly dividend for investors who own BEE is taken from BE FINANCE's fourth product, BE EXCHANGE.

As a Crypto and e-stock exchange, the latter will add a Forex trading platform.
How is BE EXCHANGE's profit calculated?
For example, the world's No. 1 exchange is Binance, which has a daily trading volume of more than $ 1 billion, this exchange charges 0.1% of the total Volume, so one day Binance exchange earns about $ 10 million / day. and this money belongs to the owner of Binance. But it is different with BE Exchange. The total amount of fees collected after subtracting all expenses is called profit, this profit will be used to divide equally among 200 million BEE, so who owns more BEE will be divided profit on total BEE they are holding, ignoring the price of BEE. This is a project planning mindset that in the world does not have any exchange applied.
This will create the psychology of always wanting to hold BEE but not sell, creating a scarcity for BEE coins so the price of BEE will increase over time.
And always create a transaction for BEE, because the company divides the profit at the end of the month, so nearly every month of the month, there will be a purchase of BEE to benefit a lot, after the profit is finished they sell out…. So there will be duplex continuous transactions.
How to own BEE?
There are 4 ways to own a BEE
1: BEE has not been sold, in February 2020, it will be sold publicly by the internal trading platform, the number of sold is only 50 million BEE for $ 0.02. Currently, you can only own BEE by investing in the package and get 10% of the value of the investment package with BEE price = $ 0.01, by February 2020 you can also sell BEE for 0, 02 USD
2: The package interest you receive can be withdrawn in ETH or can be exchanged for BEE
3: You register for an account on BE FINANCE for free and get 100 BEE.
4: You register to use the EBEEGO social network and interact with others on this network to receive points, from the point you redeem BEE or withdraw with money.
How to make money with BEE?
In addition to the ways to make money with BEE I listed above, you can have the ways to make money that I summarize below:
1: Invest in a package and enjoy interest rates up to 6% / week, the interest rate is withdrawn by ETH liquidity directly or changed into BEE.

2: Build your business network with intelligent payout mechanism up to 6 floors.

Document link: BUSINESS
Document link: Whitepaper
Ref link:

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